Top APP Inventor based Platforms You can Use Free of Cost


There are several platforms of app inventor by which you can build android application without having a depth knowledge in programming with just simple logic and blocks you can build any kind of lite weight android application and also you can monetize those app and can earn money.

Makeroid :

Makeroid is part of the ArubaCloud “We START you UP” program, and we are partnered with them
ArubaCloud provides us the servers to run the main Makeroid infrastructure.

They have more than 40,000 Users and 95,000 + projects.

This platform is free to use.


Originally based on MIT App Inventor, AppyBuilder is a FREE Drag & Drop mobile app builder platform that allows anyone to quickly design and build Android mobile apps, Even With No Coding Skills!

They have more than 1,06000 Registered users and 3,66000 projects . Moreover they have more than 120 components.


You can build both Android and ISO application using this platform. But the major drawback of this platform is that you can’t monetize your ISO app with Admob in this platform .

Thunkable has an amazingly active and engaged community to help you with all your app building questions. We also offer live-chat support.

What is Thunkable?

No longer do you have to speak the language of code to build your own apps. On Thunkable, building your on app is as simple as dragging and dropping your favorite components and connecting them together with blocks.

No longer do you have to pick between building your app for your Android or iOS audience. On Thunkable, you build your app once and it works on both platforms.

No longer do you have to build your app from scratch. Thunkable is building the world’s largest gallery of open sourced app projects in the world to both inspire you and save you time.

No longer do you have to build your app by yourself. Thunkable has one of the most active and engaged communities in the world. When they can’t figure it out, you can chat with us directly.

Our no code, block-based platforms, designed for Developers of the Future

Thunkable offers two popular platforms where millions of Thunkers around the world are building their own apps without having to code.

Get familiar with our platforms and explore their features:

Thunkable Cross-Platform ✕ | Login | More Info
  • New platform where anyone can build apps on Android or iOS without code. Users create a single project that works on both Android and iOS devices. Features a revamped app that lets you preview all your projects without using your desktop, easy to create links to share your projects, modern design capabilities like Tab and Drawer navigators and integrations with some of the hottest technologies today like Assistant by Dialogflow, Payments by Stripe and Spreadsheet by Airtable

Thunkable Classic Android | Login | More Info
  • Original platform, compatible with MIT App Inventor, features Material Design, Google Maps and Spreadsheets and our first Artificial Intelligence component. Android only.

Get inspired or simply get started quickly with our favorite sample apps

The best way to get started on Thunkable is to get inspired from some of our favorite open sourced apps from our amazing community of Thunkers. To preview these apps, we recommend downloading our live testing app or downloading them straight to your phone

This another best platform of app inventor in which you get lost of unique components that you not get in other platforms like it have firebase analytic component in build you don’t need an extension for that.
You can change your Admob Ad Unit ID dynamically from any database  only you can do this in this platform. In other platform you can’t do this.
** It’s did not cut any charges from your admob earning right now**