PUBG Tournament App Free AIA with Admin APP & Paytm Payment System || The Developer 2.0


Hello friends, Today I am going to provide all of you free aia file of PUBG TOURNAMENT APP. Databases I used in this App is Firebase database & Airtable database. Firebase base database is used to connect admin and user app and manage user data. Airtable database to manage all user entry to matches .

For Login System I used firebase auth component of kodular. You can find google sign in system in user app. In Admin app I used singing in with email and password option.

Admin APP: 

In Admin app you can create matches, their are several select and drop down option with creates matches. All maps like Erangel, Shanhok, Vikendi, Miramar also all game type option available in admin app. Below things you can do with admin app…

  • Create Match
  • Check all matches
  • Add winners to matches
  • Change payment urls

User APP:

User app is for global users so we designed this app with a simple user interface. In user app user can do below things..

  • Sign in with google
  • Join Match
  • Check Match Result
  • Check already joined matches
  • Add Balance
  • Add Payment method

The Updated Version 3 NEW AIA PUBG HEROS

You will find that the Home Screen Interface is different in the AIA and different in my video. Because in the video I used PIAD Grid Card View Extension by KusZab, so I can’t give that to you this is against Developer Policy.
Also the Cointree Interface is Good You can see the picture below.

Click on Below button and complete task showed in pop up to Download the New Updated V3 AIA File

Watch The Video Tutorial of UPDATED v3 APP

Watch The Video Tutorial of database Connection

Watch Google Sign in Configuration Video:

Download Sample APK:

Sample Payment Link to Test:

Sample Sheet:

Watch The Video Tutorial of UPDATED V2 APP