How to Create Download Button with Function & JavaScript


Hello friends , In this video I am going to tell you that how can you create a download button like my website using simple java script and html.


Watch Tutorial Video:

Click on Below button and complete task showed in pop up to Download the AIA File

Scuba Therapy Helps Veterans Heal

Many of America’s military veterans struggle with injuries and disabilities.Scuba diving won’t be the primary medical care that involves mind to assist these people, however information support the worth of skin-dive for rising the physical and psychological state of individuals littered with conditions together with post-traumatic stress disorder, traumatic brain injury, and chronic pain.Diveheart, a non-profit-making organization based in 2001, provides adaptive aqualung coaching to volunteer different and instructors, and offers distinctive opportunities in zero gravity to veterans et al with a range of disabilities.

The Diveheart slogan, “Imagine the chances,” reflects the positive perspective of the organization and therefore the hope and healing it offers.A set of the organization, Diveheart Military Wounded focuses specifically on introducing veterans with physical and mental disabilities to the advantages of aqualung medical care.On the physical facet, research project and therefore the personal experiences of veterans show that water pressure and therefore the feeling of weight will relieve physical and mental tension still as chronic pain.

“The weight quite helps my body unleash itself,” says Coast Guard veteran Kevin Cozzie in associate degree interview with the Daily Herald, a publication based mostly in residential district Chicago. “I will feel it after I get out of the water.”Ian James Brown, associate degree Air Force veteran World Health Organization was battle-scarred within the line of duty, came to skin-dive once his injury through a Diveheart program.”I discovered aqualung once more,” he says in associate degree interview on the Diveheart web site, “I was able to integrate skills i believed I had lost,” like the regulation of respiration and balance, he says.

“It created American state challenge myself a touch a lot of.”Mr. Brown, World Health Organization suffers from chronic neurospinal pain however has chosen to antedate medication, “felt this elated feeling,” and completed that he was “living painless for the primary time in eleven years,” throughout associate degree extended dive in Cozumel.

The psychological state advantages of skin-dive square measure as valuable because the physical. Veterans World Health Organization have participated in Diveheart programs report that learning new skills, gaining confidence, and bonding with alternative veterans World Health Organization have fully fledged similar challenges produce a way of community and authorization.For many disabled veterans, skin-dive helps them notice the chances instead of target their limitations, consistent with Diveheart founder Jim Elliott.Diveheart depends on volunteers and donations to assist offer adaptive diving and aqualung medical care experiences at no value to participants.