All in One Social Tool App in Kodular – Free AIA || The Developer 2.0


All in One Social Tool App in Kodular – Free AIA || The Developer 2.0

Hello Guys in this All in One Social Tool APP you will find several features like

  1. Status Saver
  2. Text Repeater
  3. Text to Emoji Converter
  4. Direct Whats app Message Sender
  5. Blank text Creator
  6. Mirror Text
  7. Stickers
  8. Stylish Text
  9. Post Creator

This application use several Extensions like

  1. Infinity progress bar Extention
  2. Tifun File Extension
  3. Horizontal Scroll Handler
  4. Vertical Scroll Handeler
  5. Easy dialog
  6. List util
  7. Taifun Tools
  8. Gesture
  9. Grid Card View Extension By Kuszab (paid)
  10. Colin Tree List View Extension

Watch Tutorial video:


Click on Below button and complete task showed in pop up to Download the AIA file


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